Fitness over the holidays?

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How I fit in fitness over the holiday by Kate Grove
Holidays are awesome and the winter break is no exception. The colored lights, the holiday movies, cold weather, parties, cookies and of course family.
Holiday break can almost seem like a “hall pass” for diet and fitness.
I mean isn’t that why you work so hard all year long so you can indulge every once and a while.
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Achieving your fitness goals!

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Achieving your goals by Kate Grove
I love fitness challenges. I love the community feel. I love being motivated and having an extra reason to push myself.
When I managed the Bar Method flagship studio, I always did the maximum # of classes in a challenge. I would sign up to take class 5 times a week. Afterwards, I would notice a change in my body and appreciate how hard I worked.
When I moved to headquarters, I would always ... Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Yoga Fusion Class: BikYasa Barre

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Two of the founders of StreamYoga share their perspectives on the subjects of Yoga and Health.
Together they hope to ignite your interest, joy and enthusiasm to practice at the comfort of your own setting.
I love this class.
by StreamYoga co-founder, Kate Grove.
I love exercise. I love all kinds of workouts. I like to sweat, I like the endorphin rush and I workout everyday. What I don’t like is when I waste my time in a class and didn’t get ... Continue Reading →