3 Powerful Ways that Yoga Can Help You Lose Weight

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With all the high-powered exercise programs out there, from cross fit, to the latest Zumba, each of them promoting fast moves, heavy weights, long stretches of cardio – the noise they make seem like yoga is just too quiet to be effective for weight loss. Those high-intensity trainers and your yoga teachers will all tell you one thing they agree on – the calories burned during exercise are not the only factor that contributes to true, sustainable weight loss. It’s ... Continue Reading →

You missed it! But….

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So you missed the Thailand Jan 3-9, 2016 retreat.
But you will can join us live through videos and images that we will share on our Facebook page (click here to ‘Like’ our page).
But if you plan right, you can join us in July 4th – 10th, or July 11 – 17th, 2016.
To get away, to find yourself by a private secluded beach, steps from the pool, after doing yoga over looking the sunrise.
What better way ... Continue Reading →

The Things You Would Not Expect From Meditation

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Two of the founders of StreamYoga share their perspectives on the subjects of Yoga and Health.
Together they hope to ignite your interest, joy and enthusiasm to practice at the comfort of your own setting.
What I learned from Meditation by Kate Grove
Do you meditate?
Up until recently, I thought I had to sit alone in the dark and make humming or chanting sounds for 10 minutes  to feel amazing.
But I really can’t sit for 10 minutes (pathetic).
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The Altitude of Gratitude – Soar with Us to Thailand this Jan

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Thailand is known for being the land of smiles.
Where ever you go people are filled with a sense of joy and gratitude.
As we approach the Thanksgiving Holiday, Stream Yoga invites you to join GabeYoga and Master Dev Kapil on an experience of a life time.

Each year participants come to this retreat expecting to enjoy the calm beaches of the southern region of Thailand.
The region is called, Nakhon Si Thamarath, and it has yet to be ... Continue Reading →

The Valuable Transformation of a 30 day YOGA challenge

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By Kate Grove and GabeYoga, co-founders of StreamYoga.com 

If you are reading this blog, chances are you are mentally ready to start a 30 day yoga challenge.

With StreamYoga you can do a yoga class everyday for 30 straight days. (You can always combine it with your local yoga studio).

What can you expect through the 30 day process?

The first week you are excited, you have set your schedule and you are ready to make your mind/body a ...

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