The Valuable Transformation of a 30 day YOGA challenge

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By Kate Grove and GabeYoga, co-founders of 

If you are reading this blog, chances are you are mentally ready to start a 30 day yoga challenge.

With StreamYoga you can do a yoga class everyday for 30 straight days. (You can always combine it with your local yoga studio).

What can you expect through the 30 day process?

The first week you are excited, you have set your schedule and you are ready to make your mind/body a priority.

At about day 4 or 5, you may start to feel like you “deserve” a break. But don’t do it!

You didn’t take a break from that cup of coffee, smoothie or tea that morning so you are not going to take a break from your yoga.

The 2nd week may start to feel repetitive (a nicer word for BORING). But you will preserver. You will get through.

By the 3rd week, it will start to feel routine. Your family members will start to say “whatcha doing, your yoga?” And that is when it hits “YOUR yoga.” This is your time. And that time is all yours.

And in the final week, people will start to say “something is different about you. You seem happier, like you have a glow.”

You realize the small stuff doesn’t seem so important anymore, things aren’t as dramatic, you aresleeping better, you are eating better and people notice that you are present.

By the end, you realize that you committed to something for 30 straight days.

And that something, your yoga, has left you feeling healthier and happier.

Gabe continually points out to students that if they commit to a 30 day practice they will discover:

  • How your eating habits change.
  • How your mind set expands.
  • How your relationship to yourself and others blooms and strengthens.

Our bodies are the vehicle of our energy. When We take care of our body through movement and breathing, it begins to awaken our emotional, and spiritual energies.

Many of us in today’s fast changing world find ourselves overwhelmed with information, sitting in front of our computer for long hours working. By the end of our work day we feel depleted and all we want to do is sit some more, watching TV or just reading a book.

30 day challenges encourage us to make a physical commitment. Nothing else needs to change. Yet everything will change.

In their book ‘Power of Full Engagement’ authors Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz point out that change is difficult. Where most of us think that we can easily change our behaviors or our attitudes, social science reveals that we are creatures of habit.

What we did yesterday is likely what we will do today.

What we thought yesterday, is likely the thoughts we will have today.

There is a famous yoga aphorism that states: 95% of the thoughts we have today, are the same thoughts we had yesterday.

30 day yoga challenge offers a positive behavior ritual that becomes automatic.

It takes between 30 – 45 days for a ritual to become automatic, and thus a new habit.

Otherwise, the change we seek is dependent on our will and determination. These two are energy resources that quickly get depleted.

When will and determination are depleted we find ourselves back in the old habits. This follows with a sense of personal negativity and disappointment.

30 day yoga challenge allows us to strengthens and re-energize ourselves. Jim and Tony share their experience from working with thousands of people, from professional athletes, to CEO, to every day people, on how physical renewal is to vital for renewal of our mental, emotional and spiritual energies as well.

We like to refer to Yoga as the Super Energy Booster.

Here are 3 tips to make your 30 day successful:

  • Practice something as simple as Sun Salutations.
  • If you miss a day, don’t judge yourself, try and fit in two practices the following day. Morning active practice, and a yin evening practice are a perfect combination.
  • Practice the same sequence.

You might find the last tip a little confusing, but a successful ritual is something that can be repeated without thinking. Changing your practice every day draws on your will and determination each day.

Recall that these energies can be depleted quickly.

At StreamYoga we strive to offer targeted and specific classes, without needing to overwhelm you with choices.

Too many choices make us freeze.

Don’t get stuck in your own hamster wheel. Use this code and get a free 24hr access to streamyoga. You will find the class that suits your personality and experience.

Leave a comment below on what your intention will be for the next 30 days.

Join us on Facebook and let us support you in your 30 day transformation!

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